Giraffe Feeding

The giraffe feeding is a highlight of any zoo trip!

A wheelchair accessible ramp leads to the covered platform, bringing you to eye level with the giraffe! Guests can feed the giraffe out of their hands with Romaine lettuce available at the new Outpost Gift Shop and on the giraffe viewing platform.Did You Know?

  • Male giraffe can grow up to 18 feet tall!
  • The patterns on each giraffe are unique, so no two are ever alike.
  • Giraffe babies are born already 6 feet tall - Now that's a big baby!
  • Mother giraffe are pregnant for 14.5 months!
  • Even though their necks are very long, giraffe have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as humans do, only seven!
  • Giraffe tongues are 18 inches long, and are a unique black or dark gray color. - See that for yourself!