Safari Drive-Thru

The Virginia Safari Park, located in Natural Bridge, offers visitors the opportunity to see and feed animals up-close from their vehicles in the safari drive-thru attraction.

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The Virginia Safari Park opened in the spring of 2000 because we felt there was a need and desire for people to be able to see wild animals in a much more natural environment than had previously been available.

In the Safari, you'll be able to see animals run and frolic with abandon on our 180-acre property. Take your time as you drive along the three miles of maintained gravel road. Feed the animals through your vehicle windows and be prepared to stop for them as they stroll across your path or even lie down.

Our animals are allowed to roam freely and act instinctively. This means you might see males competing with each other for the females’ attention, resulting in cute baby animals being born throughout the season. You could be among the lucky visitors who witness a live birth and the first steps of the newborn.

Feed the Animals

As you make your way along the road in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley, stop every once in a while to feed the animals our specialty grain mixture.

You’ll never forget the experience of one of our huge bull elk or deer eating from your bucket of feed. Drive through as many times as you like to give everyone in your group a chance to have a memorable encounter like this.

Safari Village Walk-Thru

You can see and get up-close with the animals who live here. Learn more