Village Walk-Thru

When you set foot in our Village Walk-Thru, plan to stroll and stop along the way so you can see and get up-close with the animals who live here. See what you can expect on your journey below.

The giraffe feeding is a highlight of any zoo trip!

A wheelchair-accessible ramp leads to the covered platform, bringing you to eye level with the giraffe. Guests can feed the giraffes out of their hands with romaine lettuce available at the gift shop and on the giraffe-viewing platform.

Tiger Territory

Observe our Bengal tigers as they play in their yard, lounge in the shade, or cool off in their pool.

Did You Know?

  • Tigers are excellent swimmers and are never far from a water source in the wild. They even have partially webbed toes to help move through the water!
  • Tigers have one-inch front claws that they can push out to sharpen and also pull in when walking.
  • Female tigers can have litters of up to seven cubs! Newborn cubs weigh only one to three pounds.
  • Tigers are so adaptable that they can live in a broad range of climates – from the tropical rain forest to areas of extreme snow and temperatures as low as - 40 degrees.

King Cheetah

View Africa's rarest cat when visiting the Safari Walk-thru. Virginia Safari Park is the only park in the United States where you can view these majestic animals.

Petting Area

Enjoy feeding and petting all of your farmyard favorites, including goats and kids!

Budgie Adventure Aviary

Our budgies – also known as parakeets – are free to fly in our special aviary. Step inside to feed the sweet and colorful tiny birds, which will land on your hand.

Budgie feed sticks are available at the Safari Gift Shop or Outpost Gift Shop for $2 each. Open daily until one hour before closing.

Penguin Pool

The African Penguin exhibit does not need snow and ice! It was designed to closely mimic their natural environment, which is in the southern tip of Africa.

Did You Know?

  • African penguins are an endangered species and one of the smallest.
  • They have waterproof feathers that keep them warm and dry.
  • Dotlike markings across their chest are like fingerprints to each animal.
  • African penguins have distinct beak and black feet.
  • Males are slightly larger than females.

Kangaroo Walk-About

Enjoy a walk or a hop through the Kangaroo Walk-About. Watch as kangaroos jump, leap or enjoy a lazy nap in the sun. Be on the lookout for mother kangaroos with joeys (baby kangaroos) in their pouches.

Did You Know?

  • Red kangaroos are the largest of all kangaroos. Adult males can stand over 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds!
  • When a kangaroo senses danger, it will thump its feet loudly to warn the others.
  • Female kangaroos are smaller and faster than males, traveling at speeds up to 30mph!
  • A group of kangaroos is called a mob.
  • Baby kangaroos are born the size of a jellybean and travel into the mother's pouch to continue growing.
  • Kangaroos cannot walk backward.