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Meet Our Sloths, Priscilla and Flash

Quick Facts

Conservation status : Least concern
Average length : 21-29 inches
Daily Sleep : 15 hours
Lifespan of sloths : 20-40 years

Our Sloths

We have two resident two-toed sloths named Flash and Priscilla. They, like their wild counterparts, move slowly, hang upside down from trees, and are oddly adorable.

In the Wild

Two-toed sloths live in Central and South America’s tropical and cloud forests. With long and sharp claws, hair that grows in the opposite direction of other mammals’ hair, and organs situated for an inverted life, sloths are perfectly adapted to a life suspended from tree branches.


The dwindling rainforests are the biggest threat to sloths. Electrocution from power lines, a pet sloth industry and natural predators also endanger the two-toed sloth.

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Learn What the Sloth Eats

Sloths eat a vegetarian diet of leaves, buds, stems and fruit -- everything found in the trees where they live. A slow metabolism means sloths don’t eat much per day and they sleep a lot. Plus, they weigh significantly less than similarly sized mammals.

Watch the sloths eat

Tour the Animal’s Habitat

Experience our sloth up close by feeding them while learning about these gentle creatures during a sloth encounter. While they may be slow movers, they are loaded with personality.

See our sloths

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