Spring Brings Very Rare Hatching

March 26, 2020

Virginia Safari Park welcomes extremely rare Ruppell’s griffon vulture chick....

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Virginia Safari Park Welcomes Third Baby White Rhino!

March 13, 2020

Virginia Safari Park, a ZAA accredited facility, welcomed its third baby Southern white rhinoceros, "Sebastian" on March 13th. The healthy baby boy was born after a 16-month pregnancy to “Samira” a 9 year-old female.

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Endangered African penguin chick hatches at Virginia Safari Park

February 09, 2020

Virginia Safari Park is celebrating the hatch of its first African penguin chick. The new baby named, “Winter,” hatched February 9th to proud penguin parents, “Whitney” and Timmy” and joins the resident group of penguins, which is commonly called a waddle, colony or huddle.

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